Tiffany Mckinnon

<div>I am an English major, freelance illustrator (Coffee-Blues), and writer; travelling to parts well known, yet unknown. I&#39;m not quite familiar with the world yet, so this will be my first push of the ledge called my comfort-zone. New people and experiences await me, and stories that have yet to be told. If you would join me on this adventure, that would be swell.&nbsp;</div>
<div>Surely I have a tale to tell.</div>

2016 Spring
Home University:
University of Minnesota

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Tiffany Mckinnon,

Harajuku Halt

Getting stuck in Harajuku isn't always a good thing, but it's not exactly a bad thing either. You may find things you didn't expect.

fallback blogs
Tiffany Mckinnon,

Drawn to Tokyo

Heading for Tokyo this week. I'm incredibly excited to explore the culture and art of Japan. As an artist, I can't wait to see myself grow in this new...