Drawn to Tokyo

Tiffany Mckinnon
March 29, 2016

I am incredibly excited to for my journey this coming week. I’m still having a hard time believing that I get a chance to travel, jump out of my country, and land right into one of the hearts of another. Since I was younger, I’ve been enamored with visual arts as well as the art of storytelling. American comics and cartoons being equal as inspiring to me as Japanese anime and manga and videogames. My own drawing style stems from aspects of both cultures mixed together with my own storybook-like flair. 

Being both a writer and an illustrator, I dare peg myself as having a colorful personality. From this experience I hope to broaden my creative color spectrum. Every place, every person, every feeling invokes a hue in everyone. I wish share in this adventure with you, and show you what I see along the way. My drawings aren’t the best, but I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you for being a part of the beginning of my story. The world holds so many brilliant wonders, I hope that by showing you the ones that I find, you’ll be inspired to add to your color palette. And create something beautiful from your experience.

As a start, I’d have to say it’s been quite difficult saying goodbye to everyone, even though it’ll only be for a couple months. (That and the packing has been crazy!)

What I will miss the most are the speckles of stars you can see at night in Minnesota and the people who care about me. (But I won’t miss the weather all too much. Seriously, the cold always bothers me every day. It’s been snowing again this week. Right after the first day of spring was announced.)

So for my first blog post I wanted to share with you my last complete drawing inspired by things that I enjoy from my home before I go to Japan. And a couple of my favorites that I’ve done.

You can see more of my art prior from this adventure on my instagram @OfficialCoffeeBlues From here on, I’m aiming for the stars and back.

A Few of My Favorite Things: A little representation of many things that I love. This character is named "Paanie," a nickname my friend gave me. I got the idea for this piece after finding gluten-free donuts and pastries at a well known bakery in Minneapolis. I used pencil for the sketch and clip studio for the final coloring and line art. 

Hear My Love: Love can be conveyed in several different ways. Sometimes you just have to listen.

A Simple Pierrot: Side facial profile of a clown I designed.


RPG Character Concept close-up: Side profile of a man I doodled.

A Little Bird Song: A little girl carrying a songbook. I drew her for a poem I wrote.

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Tiffany Mckinnon

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