Harajuku Halt

Tiffany Mckinnon
April 30, 2016

Harajuku is only a little ways away from Shibuya. This is where my prior knowledge failed me. I knew it would be crowded, but to the extent it was left me (sans a few choice words) speechless. For the life of me, I could hardly move. It was like marching with penguins in sync but far less enjoyable. It also didn’t help that many of the places I had been looking forward to visiting, decided to move shop.

But if you go past the main street there are some nice little shops that don’t garner that much attention. (I didn’t get to go inside these shops due to time restrictions….but one day….one day soon…)

Instead I enjoyed the walk to Meiji Jingu. A large shrine that hosts many weddings on the weekends. Even though technically there were a lot of people visiting, the loose stone paths were still much roomier than the main street. Truly the shrine itself is a beautiful architectural testament of its time.

Right after this I discovered that the murmurs of fruits being luxury items here are true.

$20 for a mango, for one single mango. And no fruit is priced the same. (Each have their own individual prices depending on the mango itself)

My heart weeps as my wallet bleeds…

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