Tokyo Tour

Tiffany Mckinnon
April 30, 2016

Next adventure took me and my classmates to Asakusa to go check out the Tokyo Skytree. One really cool thing about this tower is that you can see it from neighboring cities. Inside there is a plethora of shops and specialty food you can buy.

Each floor is designated based on food stuffs, travel stuff, souvenir stuffs and miscellaneous. (If it weren’t for the fact that me a gluten don’t go together, I probably would have spent all my money on food. It all looked so good. And since it was hanami -flower viewing- during the time, most things were made with sakura flavors included.)

After seeing the city from a new perspective, we went and explored Asakusa and visited Senso-ji (a large Buddhist temple there.) Though a bit pricey, the small shopping town within the temple ground was nice for finding souviners. The scenery within the temple grounds was very beautiful. Plus the sakura tree were in full bloom during this time. Which made the experience even more beautiful.

Afterwards, we took a boat trip to Odaiba. On the water we could see how spread out the sakura trees were all over the cities. It was fun too because you had all the school kids waving to you from the shore.

The most beautiful part of this trip WAS THE GIANT GUNDAM IN ODAIBA!!!!!

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