If you're curious what study abroad in 2023 is like, look no further than our 92 brand-new student Correspondents!

This spring semester our Correspondents will be sharing their stories and study abroad journeys from our IES Abroad Centers all over the world. 

Social Media Correspondents🤳 will be posting from across the globe, showing us their journeys in real time on their own Instagram and TikTok accounts. Bloggers✍️ will be sharing their stories via writing, photos, videos, and other creative pursuits. And all those beautiful photos you see on our website or in our catalogs? Most likely, they were taken by one of our Photographers📷 who work behind the scenes to capture the authentic IES Abroad experience. Across the board, you'll also find IDEA (Initiative to Diversity Education Abroad) Correspondents, reflecting on how aspects of their identity intersect with their lives abroad. Through their dedication to their own adventures, the Correspondents are here to share so you too can feel ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

This semester, we have five (!) Correspondents returning for their second semester abroad during the Academic Year: Emma B. (Amsterdam • Sarah Lawrence College), Madison C. (Rabat • Wofford College) , Kiki G. (Rabat • College of Wooster), Maggie P. (Santiago • University of Illinois at Chicago), and Dulcie R. (Freiburg • Westminster College)—don't miss out on their wisdom!

Browse through the blogs, peep the #IESabroad feed or our Tiktok, or simply keep scrolling to learn a little bit more about who they are and where they're studying.  Want to see the Correspondents in your destination of choice? Simply select the location from the drop down menu at the top of the page. ⬆️