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Maggie Peyton

My name is Maggie and I'm from Chicago, Illinois (one of the best cities in the States in my completely unbiased opinion). I'm left-handed, could watch Encanto every day, and I am a huge fan of the singer-songwriter Mitski. I study Public Policy at the University of Illinois in Chicago and am excited to learn more about Santiago. I hope to find a community away from the one I have at home and make Santiago my own.

2022 Fall
2023 Spring
Home University:
University of Illinois at Chicago
Public Policy

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The top left fourth of the flag is royal blue and has a single white star in the middle. The other side is white. The bottom half of the flag is red.
Maggie Peyton,

Conversations with my Host Mom

Months of conversations have led to bits and pieces of this blog coming together. I didn't say much, largely because I couldn't as she was still talking. I've...