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Jacob Chan

My name is Jacob and I am a current junior at Haverford College. I love all things related to learning about different cultures whether it be food, language, customs, etc. In my free time, you can typically find me playing video games, listening to music, or just spending time with friends!

2023 Spring
Home University:
Haverford College
Spanish, Linguistics

Blogs by Jacob Chan

Picture of lending library at the Príncipe Pio Mall in Madrid.
Jacob Chan,

Life Abroad vs. Life at Home

As I am about to head back home, I take some time to reflect on some of the differences between life back home and life while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Picture in front of entrance to Metro with a sign that says Colombia.
Jacob Chan,

"Próxima Estación"

Navigating the city of Madrid has been such a rewarding experience. I highlight my experience with exploring various parts of the city as well as self-growth.