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Ian Donahue

Hey! My name is Ian and I am a junior at Ithaca College, where I major in history meaning long papers are my specialty. I play on my school's club ultimate frisbee team and we even went to the national tournament! I am from New York City so navigating public transit is a refined skill of mine. I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, eat amazing food and see places I've dreamed of seeing my whole life.

2023 Spring
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Ithaca College

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Castel Sant'Angelo is illuminated by bridge lights in the dead of night.
Ian Donahue,

When in Rome...

While traveling Europe is an incredible opportunity, Rome is the eternal city for a reason. So, what is there to do in Rome? Let us find out!

The New York City skyline during a sunset from Central Park
Ian Donahue,

Domestic Boredom

My flight to Rome is still a month away and so I have been fighting with the worst enemy any college student can face; boredom. Yet I have been keeping myself...