Moziah Thompson

<p>I am a graphic design student at Georgia State University. I work in a number of mediums including drawing, painting with oils, acrylics, and watercolors, and screen-printing. I tend to draw inspiration from artists such as Chuck Close, Dan Flavin, Roy Lichtenstein, KAWS, and Jeff Koons. I also enjoy studying different artistic styles as a whole, including: surrealism, pop art and Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Other than art and work, the majority of my time goes to listening to music and attempting to learn anything new from photography to playing a saxophone to transcendentalism. **attached creative sample is titled &quot;A Groovy Portrait of a Universal Soul&quot;. 19.5x25.5. Micron pen and watercolor on paper.</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Georgia State University
Graphic Design

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Moziah Thompson,

東京 Part 2: 東京の人と経験

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Moziah Thompson,

Safe & Sound! First stop, Sakae!

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