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Jada Bullen

<p>I am Junior studying in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. As a feminist by thought and a hipster at heart, I seek every opportunity to break the barriers, disprove the labels, and blur the lines.</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Georgetown University
Cultural Studies, International Studies

Blogs by Jada Bullen

fallback blogs
Jada Bullen,

Reflection on Race

" I've heard the story that Morocco is a country with flagrant racism in the society--it's not true. It's not true." -Moroccan university student

Sitting in the Sahara
Jada Bullen,

Waka Waka

The Sahara makes everyone a poet . . .

Walking in the Rabat Medina in the Morning
Jada Bullen,


The Rabat Medina.
A living, breathing, contradiction that sometimes feels like chaos and sometimes seems like magic . . .

Duomo in Florence
Jada Bullen,

Italian Interlude

Yes, Italy took my heart. No, it’s fine. It just means that I have to return someday to find it.

fallback blogs
Jada Bullen,

Moroccan September

A young, free, (sometimes overly) enthusiastic girl completes her first month in Morocco,and decides to--shakily--record adventures in Meknes, Casablanca, Rabat...

The Kasbah
Jada Bullen,

Déjà vu

Warning: This post contains feelings! Read at your own risk.

fallback blogs
Jada Bullen,


Four days away from four months abroad in Rabat, Morocco, and only one word on my mind. . .