Moroccan September

Jada Bullen
October 7, 2015
One of the best aspects of studying abroad in Morocco, especially with this specific group of students in the IES program, is the number of cool cities and sites one can travel to, cheaply and easily. After my first full month in Morocco, I thought it best to show you the Morocco we have explored and enjoyed so far, the way I have seen it. We began in Meknes, where we had our 10 day orientation, took a weekend trip in Casablanca, stayed a bit in Rabat, and traveled to the northern beach town, Asilah. I have encountered so much newness in one month that I feel like it's been a year instead of a month since I arrived in Rabat, but it's ok. I'm happy, because when I think of September, I think of dancing, music, friendship, and laughter. So much laughter. Maybe too much laughter. I hope as you watch this video you laugh (at least a little) at how ridiculous we are.

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Jada Bullen

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