The Last Time . . .shwaya

Jada Bullen
December 17, 2015

If you are reading this, it’s too late.

I have eaten my last Friday couscous.

Somehow, my semester in Morocco has become my last day in Morocco and I have just taken my last exam and tonight I will be saying my last goodbyes to the friends, and staff, and city that I have grown to love. They all have a lasting place in my heart.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, leaving and “last times”. And, I know that everybody says that, but it is still true even if it is not an experience unique to me. Thankfully, my sentiments are more sweet than bitter, because I know I am coming back to Morocco. I am not sure in what form, whether it be for work, or study, or leisure. Hey, I might just back for the sole purpose of buying that one Berber carpet that would have been morally wrong to purchase on a student’s non-salary. Maybe I will come back to see my host family again. Maybe, I will come back to see the desert . . .

I do know when I am coming back, but when I am back in my American life--stressing about papers, and jobs, and fitting in gym time, there will be little pieces of Rabat that I yearn for.

So, In between finals and packing and the mundane stress of transportation logistics, I had to make room this week for my goodbye’s and one last time’s of my favorite things to do in Rabat—or should I say “until next time’s.”

Last time squished in a taxi    


Last minute shopping

Last time bargaining

Last time people watching at the Marina

Las time trying interesting street food for a while . . .

Last tea time

Last family bonding

Last Friday Couscous

Last deep conversational bonding at the beach

Last hugs with all the friends I have made here in Morocco . . .

Last time walking home from school and passing La Gare: the place that has transported me to different cities and wonderful experiences.

Ahhh! Going through these pictures have brought on a wave of a nostalgia. Ok, be back soon, going to dab my eyes a bit before I finish packing.

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