Study Abroad in Rabat

What to Expect in Rabat

Chances are you’re craving a new way of learning—a new way of seeing the world. So why not study abroad in Rabat? 

With its rich mix of North African, Arabic, and European cultures, and nearly 900 years of history, there is simply no place on earth like Rabat. 

When you study abroad in Rabat, you can explore the mysterious, winding streets of the Medina in the morning and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in the afternoon. Or soak up the sun on la plage (the beach) before strolling through the Kasbah, with its unforgettable blue and white painted walls and doorways. 

Our Rabat study abroad program offers immersive courses and excursions to help you dive into the culture and develop your Arabic and French language skills. 

Languages Spoken: 
Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Darija, French
Dirham (MAD or DH)
Time Zone: 

Top 5 Things to Do in Rabat

Partake in the Mock Wedding at Our Center
Experience traditional Moroccan culture firsthand with our mock, multi-day Moroccan wedding at our Center.
Engage Your Senses
Take in the tastes, smells, colors, and sounds of the Medina as you explore the alleys of shops selling ceramics, spices, and jewelry.
Advance Your Language Skills
Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture as you practice three languages in one city. Where else can you do that?
Visit a Hammam
Spend a few hours at the local bathhouse with your friends — cleansing, relaxing, and rejuvenating during your abroad adventure.
Indulge in Local Food and Tea
From Moroccan mint tea to couscous on Fridays, get to know life in Rabat through the city’s traditional food and tea.

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