Cristian Gutierrez

<p>Born and raised under the bright lights of Chicago, I was under the influence that I had seen it all. After my first trip abroad I was hooked, and I realized I couldn&rsquo;t of been more wrong. With a thirst for adventure I&rsquo;ve set out to explore the unknown during my summers off from school. My travels have taken me from ancient pyramids in Mexico to remote rainforests in Costa Rica, and now Spain is next up on the destination list. I can&rsquo;t wait for my time abroad and here I plan to document all valuable experiences and insights about my journey in Spain. Hala Madrid!&nbsp;</p>

2015 Spring
Home University:
Penn State University

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Cristian Gutierrez,

Madrid! Madrid! Madrid!

My first weeks in Spain has been everything I could've imagined. Life is good, I get to eat tapas, make new friends, and explore Madrid. What else cold you ask...

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Cristian Gutierrez,

Let The Journey Begin

With Madrid right around the corner, my emotions are all over the place. I'm leaving a lot behind but I'm grateful for the opportunity and ready to make the...