Semana Santa Part II

Cristian Gutierrez
May 2, 2015

On Sunday afternoon we landed in Dubrovnik Croatia, home of unesco protected old town, home to some of the most magnificent coastlines and crystal clear water, maybe most importantly home to the hit TV series game of thrones. Croatia has always been one of those fairytale destinations for me so it's a dream come true to be able spend my week here. 

Upon arriving to our accommodation we immediately went to explore the old town. I was an awe as to how well the ancient architecture has been preserved. One truly does feel as if they are walking in a different era. I quickly discovered Croatia is all about simplicity and enjoying the little things in life. In our exploration session we came across this tunnel and naturally we went in. On the other side we were jaw dropped, it was a cliff side cafe equipped with arguably the best views in Dubrovnik. We spent the entire afternoon there because we couldn't get ourselves to get up off our seats. 
The next day was more of the same, just taking in the beauty of Dubrovnik has to offer. This time tho we did explore the city center as we had to purchase our bus tickets to Split. We slowly made our way back to the old town where we took the famous cable car to the highest lookout in Dubrovnik. The view was spectacular and because we are students we got incredible discounts for the museum on the war history of Croatia. The museum was a rude awakening to the violence Croatia experience only 20 years ago. It was a humbling experience and I was glad to see Croatia has recovered from those dark times. 
That night we went to bed early because we had an 8am bus to split. I'm currently laying on a beach in split writing this entry and yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. Unfortunately I will not be sharing that information on this because it simply requires its own post. This is me checking out as I want to enjoy the sun and the rest of the day. Until next time! 

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