It Comes To An End

Cristian Gutierrez
June 17, 2015

The final day of IES Madrid was undoubtedly a sad one, students were heavy hearted and everyone was putting off their goodbyes until the last possible moment. From countless previous experiences, the IES Madrid was prepared for the emotional day and planned a final day that was packed with bonding experiences and one that I will truly never forget.

After each student completed their Spanish final they were required to head to the auditorium for a final performance. I wasn’t fully sure what I was walking into but I was presently surprised to be able to see my fellow classmates perform their plays, poetry, and two girls were even brave enough to Flamenco!  It was awesome to see their semester long work finally come into fruition.

A short break was allotted so we can freshen up for a final lunch at one of the nicer hotels in Madrid. Needless to say the food was amazing and the company was even better as the entire staff, including teachers, were in attendance.

At this point the end was nearing and you can feel all of the emotions in the room. Of course no program or final lunch could be complete without a group picture! With that being said, we all filed into the outdoor area to take an IES Madrid Picture! This was much easier said than done because with over one hundred students, fitting in one frame is extremely difficult! After countless attempts we finally achieved the shot we were searching for and the rest is history!

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Cristian Gutierrez

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