Seduto Sotto un Platano

Vasiljon Cobo
February 19, 2013
cobo.salamanca.bodegasubterranea cobo.salamanca.captivating A sign in the local restaurant/bodega we went to warning guests not to sing. One of the few museums found in Zamora is that of Semana Santa, and this is the entrance to it. Kathryn and I playing a game of camera showdown. The door to the legendary El Cid's house, who lived in Zamora for some time. Inside Zamora's seldom-frequented castle, which I thought was a delight to visit and very tourist-friendly. White storks that come to visit Salamanca from across the Mediterranean find a warm, cozy home ready for them atop many historical buildings. A little taste of the products that were for sale at the winery we visited. A view of Toro, the little town we visited. Bo helps me out with my interpretation of the art exhibit. Behind me are a number of clocks, I say that to explain the bad humour in me checking my watch. I sneaked under these  chains to get a picture hopefully few have gotten of/with this piece from a  Cuban artist. This passes for a fruit market in Spain, pityful! -(read with sarcasm)

The pictures here are mostly from two separate occasions. One is the group visit to Tor and Zamora, two lovely towns close by. The other occasion is our visit to the Da2 contemporary museum. Both trips were fun and enjoyable, and the food in Toro/Zamora was delicious.

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Vasiljon Cobo

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