Adjusting to a Mediterranean Lifestyle

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Taylor Quinn
January 27, 2022

My time in Nice so far has been nothing short of a dream. It’s only been three weeks, but I’m in love with the city and everything it has to offer. Before arriving in Nice, I had plenty of worries about making friends, the language barrier, or general mishaps. Now that I’m settled, the novelty and sheer beauty of the French Riviera outweighs all of my previous stressors! 

Adjusting to the French lifestyle is a bit of a learning curve. I’ve missed my fair share of trains, gotten lost a few times, and discovered that Google maps is unreliable here (I learned the hard way…many times). Miscommunication is common, considering my French isn’t great, but using a mix of French and English almost always works. I’m loving the Niçoise cuisine though, which has heavy influences from Italy and the Mediterranean. Picking up fresh ingredients for dinner from the Cours Saleya Market is a must-try, and the coffee here is unmatched! 

An important part of studying abroad is building new friendships, but it isn’t necessarily easy. My first week here held a startling resemblance to my freshman year of college as I met my roommates for the first time, socialized with students from across the country, and said “yes” to every social event. I was worried that everyone already knew each other or had pre-established friendships. In reality, most students here don’t know anyone either, so they feel just as eager as you to make friends. This realization helped me fully be myself during my transition to life in Nice. 

It’s really refreshing to meet new people and explore cool places with them after the pandemic isolated so many of us. This is the first time since pre-coronavirus that I’ve really put myself out there and intentionally tried to meet new people. I’ve made amazing friendships that are deeper than “surface level,” and I’m grateful for that. Venturing outside of my comfort zone is difficult for me, as I tend to be slightly introverted, but I can confidently say that studying abroad is the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I’ve been told I’m still in the “honeymoon phase” of studying abroad, but I’m going to ride this high as long as I can. I can’t wait to explore new cities, improve my French, and feel fully confident living here. I know there may be challenges ahead, but I’m finding my way and that’s all that matters.

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a headshot of Taylor

Taylor Quinn

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor Quinn and I'm an Economics major at UNC Charlotte. This semester I'm studying abroad in Nice, France with the Business, Sustainability, and Immigration Program. My hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I'm a huge football fan (American style). On the weekend, you'll probably find me discovering a nearby hike, scoping out a bookstore, or studying at a local coffee shop. I love to cook, although most would say I'm only an amateur, so I can't wait to explore the Niçoise cuisine and the rest that Nice has to offer.

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