The Best Study Spots in Nice

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Taylor Quinn
May 20, 2022

While studying abroad provides so many opportunities to travel and experience new cultures, there is still studying to do. Especially around midterms and finals, you'll find me holed up with my notes and a coffee. However, France doesn't have quite the same "work in a coffee shop" culture as the U.S. In France, and especially in Southern France, cafés are meant to enjoy your coffee and take time away from work. However, you may occasionally stumble upon a café with some laptops out, and I've narrowed down the best ones. Sometimes a girl needs to get out of her room and find a different study spot! Here are my favorites in Nice:

1. Charlie's & Co

A charming little cafe close to the IES Abroad center! Family-owned and run, it's busy at lunch time but gets really quiet in the afternoons. They have great food and coffee, and free wifi.

2. Malongo

This spot serves great coffee and it's really close to the IES Abroad center. They have lots of outdoor seating which is great in the warmer months, and others seem to work here too.


On the top floor of this department store, there's a little cafe with free wifi and nice spots to study. Again, it's really close to the IES Abroad center and super convenient!

4. Emily & the Cool Kids

This café has great food and a few different locations around Nice. The location in Old Nice is my favorite! Just beware, sometimes they may not let you work here on weekends.

5. Nice Library

Another solid study option is the library. It's quiet, relaxing, and a great place to come if you need silence and when studying.

Honorable mention: Starbucks and/or Brioche Dorée within Nice Toile

Even in France, you'll find Starbucks. These two cafés are right next to each other on the ground floor of Nice Toile (an American-style mall), and always have people working there. It's perfect for when you need a little reminder of home! 

This roundup of my favorite cafés should help whenever you're feeling tired of studying in your room or at the IES Abroad center. Nice has an endless amount of cafés, so be sure to try as many as possible during your time here. I promise you won't regret it! 

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Taylor Quinn

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