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"There's Such a Lot of World to See..." -Moon River cover

September 4, 2018

¡Hola amigos! My name is Samantha Yu, and I'll be studying in Granada, Spain this Fall semester with IES Abroad. Just to share a little about me, I am a third year college student at Scripps College in Claremont, California. I’ve known that I wanted to study abroad in Spain ever since I saw the impact an amazing study abroad experience had on my two older sisters. I’ve been packing this entire week, and in a few days, I’ll be on a plane and on my way! With all of the planning and paperwork and preparations, it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of stress rather than the excitement and anticipation, so I thought I would take a little time just to sit down and record my first song for this blog. Despite everything moving so fast, playing some music is one of my favorite ways to slow down and really appreciate the moment, and this song in particular has always filled me with a sense of wistful wanderlust. I already know that I will feel so inspired the moment I step foot off of the plane and into my new home for the next few months.

I can't wait to share my all of my adventures with you! Stay tuned for more music here on my blog. ¡Hasta luego!

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