"I Wanna Wish You a Merry Christmas!" -"Feliz Navidad" cover

Samantha Yu
December 10, 2018

¡Hola a todos y Feliz Navidad! ‘Tis the season to get into the holiday spirit, and Granada has really been showing off with beautiful lights adorning every street and dulces de navidad in every bakery window. While a part of me can’t help but feel a little homesick during this time, it’s hard not to feel festive when everywhere you turn, the streets are brightly lit and mercados de Navidad are in full swing! I only have a week left in Granada and I still cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. I’ve been rushing to get my Christmas shopping done and to prepare for all of my final projects, but it’s nice to take a moment to remember what the season is all about. I have had so much to be grateful for while studying abroad and I know that I’m going to miss this city and the friends that I’ve made here so much. For now, I’m trying to appreciate the time I have left and enjoy being here as much as possible, which means eating as many tapas as I can, taking a siesta every day, and singing Christmas songs! Wherever in the world you are this December, I wish you a happy holiday season!

Samantha Yu

Hiya! My name is Samantha Yu and I'm a student at Scripps College in California. Some of my favorite things to do are eating, songwriting, napping, taking photos, and exploring. I'm a huge fan of plants, pups, and pancakes!

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