Flamenco Fun: Dancing Through my Last Days in Granada

Samantha Yu
December 17, 2018

¡Buenas amigos! In a few days, I’ll be leaving Granada and flying back home to California. I’ve been experiencing a mix of bittersweet emotions: I’m so excited to be coming home to my family and friends, but so sad to be leaving this amazing city and the people that I’ve called home for these past months. More than anything, I feel an immense gratitude to have had this opportunity to grow, learn, and explore in a city as incredible as Granada. I’m especially grateful to have learned about things that are unique to Granada: the beautiful architecture in the city, the slang and phrases that both complicate and enrich the Spanish here, and the history and culture surrounding the beautiful art of flamenco. While I have never been much of a dancer, I thought that taking a flamenco class in the place it originated, Andalucía, was an opportunity that I could not miss. After months of learning and rehearsing the choreography (and tripping over my own feet several times), our class held a Clase Abierto so that all of our friends and family could see what we had been working on. Being able to share what I had learned with my family and friends made me so happy, and I’m so excited to share it with you all too! Here is a part of our espectáculo, recorded by my wonderful host dad. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

Samantha Yu

Hiya! My name is Samantha Yu and I'm a student at Scripps College in California. Some of my favorite things to do are eating, songwriting, napping, taking photos, and exploring. I'm a huge fan of plants, pups, and pancakes!

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