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Putting Granada on the Map: My Favorite Spots So Far!

October 7, 2018

One of the billion reasons I love Granada is because it is the perfect size: small enough that I know my way around the city without needing to consult Google Maps every few blocks, and big enough that there is always a new corner to explore on my everyday walks. I love that while walking around, I often run into friends on the street or come across a brand new café that I hadn’t noticed before.

I’ve been working quite a bit on a map of all of the places I have been/would like to go in Granada and if you’re looking for some new places to try or just want to follow along with my adventures, you can check out my Granada Guide here: I’ve split everything up into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for!

This first month, I’ve made it a point to try at least five new places every week, and I plan on continuing this for the rest of my time here! It’s really pushed me to seek out new favorites instead of returning to the same place for tapas every day. That being said, here are a few of the spots that I can’t help but return to because of their charm.

Cósmica Café

I have never been a big fan of coffee, but here at this adorable, cozy café, I changed my mind for the café bonbon, which is basically espresso layered over sweet condensed milk. Yum! The ambiance here is so lovely with bright colors, charming decorations, and relaxing music. After I posted a photo here, all of my friends were asking me “Where is this?” Even my amigas from here in Granada!


Cósmica Cafe in Granada

La Madriguera

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love stationary stores, so when I found this cute little shop, I spent hours here. There are tons of interesting art books about animation in movies, art instruction, and beautiful journals. There are also really beautiful, unique works of art that adorn the store’s walls.


I will never forget my first time at Giolatto. I ordered Galleta Cookie, which is a combination of cookie butter flavors and a generous layer of Nutella, and it changed my world. This is the kind of “helado” that you’ll have dreams about. Go. Eat. Enjoy. 


Ice cream from Giolatto

Pilar del Toro (featured pic)

Pilar del Toro is an IES Abroad favorite! You can get some incredibly cheap and delicious toast and coffee here while enjoying a really beautiful setting! My friends and I have been here so often that they recognize us and even know our orders.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

If you’re looking for cute little knick knacks, school supplies, snacks, or dog toys at the cheapest prices, you have to come to Flying Tiger. This store has everything you need in the cutest patterns you’ve ever seen. Go, but make sure you know what you need to buy or else you will leave with 10 things you didn’t need but you bought just because of how cute they were.  

Local Art Fair (Plaza Bib Rambla)

Every Sunday at Plaza Bib Rambla, there is a small, bustling art fair with local artists setting up tents and tables to display their beautiful art. It’s an awesome place to buy paintings, bookmarks, jewelry, and more, and I’m not just saying this because my host dad just happens to be one of the artists there!


Plaza Bib Rambla Art Fair

I hope that this list has given you some inspiration to try somewhere new this week! And for all of my friends in Granada, please give these spots a visit and be sure to follow along my blog for more ideas and inspiration! ¡Ciao!

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