"I Can Be Anything I Can See" -Lady in Spain cover

Samantha Yu
September 25, 2018

¡Hola amigos, buenas! I have had the most amazing first few weeks in Granada. Everything has been moving so quickly, I can hardly believe that I’ve almost been here for an entire month! Each day has been one exciting whirlwind after another, and each day, I’ve found more and more reasons to love this incredible city. One reason is the breathtaking view of Granada from our apartment building’s rooftop terrace! As my host mom welcomed my housemate and I to our new home, we were completely awe-struck. How many people can say they’ve lived so close to the Alhmabra that they see it every day? I thought there was no better place to record my first song post abroad, and Ingrid Michelson’s “Lady in Spain” feels extremely appropriate for the occasion! I’ve loved this song for years, and as I sang the line “I can be anything that I see,” I looked down on the view in front of me and have never felt it was so true before. Here in Granada, a city that I’ve come to learn is full of light and life, I really can be anything I can see! Thanks for following along this journey with me, stay tuned for more blog posts with me here!

Samantha Yu

Hiya! My name is Samantha Yu and I'm a student at Scripps College in California. Some of my favorite things to do are eating, songwriting, napping, taking photos, and exploring. I'm a huge fan of plants, pups, and pancakes!

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