This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for…

Rachel Elwell
December 1, 2014

Well it’s that time of the year again where we are supposed to say everything we are thankful for. It’s a little disappointing that I was not able to spend the time with my family, but I still managed to have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with IES Abroad and then a work filled but still fun weekend in Madrid with some IES Abroad students there. So all things considered, it was pretty good.

Anyway, this semester has had many ups and downs, but a couple of great things that it gave to me that I am forever thankful for are foreign music and Hola. I have listened to some Spanish language music in the past, like Juanes and Shakira in Spanish, but I really didn’t know that much. But now I’ve found so many great non-English songs, and it really goes to show how powerful music can be even if you don’t understand it. I have listed a few super quality songs in the video for everyone seeing this to have a listen to, but there is really so much out there it’s amazing.

Then Hola is a Google chrome extension that allows you to browse from different countries, so since so many sites are blocked in Spain, I can browse from the US and have access to all my normal sites. Which, if you ask me, is an incredible invention. Do recommend. Anywho, have a great after Thanksgiving week and enjoy cyber Monday tomorrow. Yay shopping!!!

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