Time to say goodbye!

Rachel Elwell
December 15, 2014

Sorry about the awkward angle in the video, hope it’s not too distracting! Anyway, after three and a half months, it is finally time to pack up and fly back to the normality that is my life in the U.S. There have certainly been many ups and downs this semester, but I could not have asked for a more enriching and eye opening experience. I have always considered myself an open and fairly worldly person, as I have traveled many places and always try to look at them from the lens of someone other than a tourist, but this was something completely different. Traveling to a place and living in one are completely different, and living in Spain, which is still not a completely different world than the U.S., gave me experiences I never could have anticipated. The proximity to the rest of Europe yet complete cultural dissonance (well maybe not complete, but certainly quite different), the differences in the education system, and the norms of the country were all so foreign to me. Now I can go back to the U.S. and approach seemingly normal aspects of my life other new found knowledge. It has been a pleasure to be able to study and live in the beautiful city of Salamanca, but I know that I am definitely ready to head back to my mundane life in the states. For now at least. Hope you’ve enjoyed the vlogs! Goodbye!

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Rachel Elwell

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