It’s finals time! Woo…?

Rachel Elwell
December 9, 2014

This coming week is finals, with my first one tomorrow first thing in the morning and another one later in the day. Those ones are IES Abroad courses so I’m not as worried because I know better how the professors grade and what they expect from us, but my university courses I have a few more worries for. I have not had any tests in either of them, and only one has had homework. So it’s a bit of a shot in the dark. Especially with them being in a language I don’t necessarily understand all the time. I suppose I will see in a week how those go, as one is on Thursday and the other on Friday. The best thing about the Spanish education system is the grading. Even though it is arguably more difficult  in terms of classes, exams, and information, it is easier to get a passing grade. Even a 50% is technically passing, at least at the universities, which I think is a plus. Either way, as sad as I am to leave in a week (it’s a week exactly!), I am ready for these exams to be over. Update will come at the end of the week to say how I did (or think I did). Let’s do this!

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Rachel Elwell

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