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Rachel Elwell
October 21, 2014

Today, my weird hair and I are discussing the wonderful world of traveling through Europe while studying abroad there. Now, obviously if you are not studying/planning to study in Europe, this will not be of much value to you, but I’m sure it can be applied to other places as well, like South America or Australia. Anyhow, the point is, getting to experience so much culture in such a small radius is a luxury we don’t have in the states, and so I personally believe it should be taken advantage of when abroad. Europe has so much to offer and so many amazing places it is impossible to do it all, but I urge anyone with plans on coming here to travel wherever and whenever you can. If you book properly, the prices can be very reasonable and you will have experiences you will never forget. Here are some fun photos I captured during my travels so far:

Having a jolly good laugh at the Plaza de España in Seville.

So many bridges opening and closing on the Thames in London!

Let me just say, it is so surreal seeing it in person.

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Rachel Elwell

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