Visiting Family Before Heading Home

Nathan Outlan
December 30, 2016

I sadly had to leave Freiburg... but I was on my way to Switzerland to see some of my cousins. First stop, Zurich. I had only been to Zurich one time before this and it was for a very short time. It is a pretty busy city with a lot of businesses and what not. Very different to Freiburg. I was really excited because I had not met my little cousins yet. We were hoping for some good sunny days since it was really foggy and misty almost the whole time my family was in Freiburg. The whole train ride there was pretty much cloaked in fog. When we got to Zurich... nothing had changed. So, when we finally met up with my cousins and had dinner, we decided to go above the fog tomorrow and hike around. We were all excited to finally see the sun after about a week and a half of not seeing it. 

We got up early the next morning and had a traditional Swiss breakfast. My favorite part was the rösti, which is like a giant hashbrown. Mine came with an egg on it. I had many röstis during my times in Switzerland, but my cousin's wife's rösti was by far the best. There is an art to making it the right consistency and then placing a perfectly cooked egg on top. It is a great breakfast, especially when mixed with lots of cheeses and other stuff. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so if I am able to have a great breakfast then the rest of my day is already going to be great. 

As we are driving up the mountian, we can finally see that sun that has been avoiding us so much. We hit the top of the fog and it became so sunny. Everyone was happy. We walked along the ridge of the mountain and looked out over at Mount Pilatus. We ended up walking all the way up to this sweet restaurant on the mountain. It was great to just sit in the sun and hang out while eating and drinking some classic swiss things. After that, we returned home and went to dinner. Then, the next day, we got up and went on to Lucerne to see more family.

Some of these pictures below are random because I could not find them for an earlier post, but they are cool so I am sharing them now.


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