Made the Pilgrimage to Stuttgart for Porsche

Nathan Outlan
November 25, 2016

This is a blog post for myself and anyone out there who loves cars. Now, I know that most people will probably look over this post on the main blog page; but frankly, I love Porsche too much to not dedicate a blog post to the trip I made to Stuttgart. 

It all started when I was young. I have had an obsession with cars ever since I can remember. My interest has floated from different car companies, types, years etc. but I have always held Porsche at the top of my list. There is just something about those cars that cannot be beat. That is why I had to make the trip to the Porsche mecca. I had been planning to go even before getting on the plane to come to Germany. So, I am a little confused as to how it took me this long to finally make the train ride to the museum, factory and dealer aka Porscheplatz. No matter how long it took me to finally have a free Saturday that was tied to nothing and no one; I made it, which is the only thing that mattered. Walking up to the platz had me in complete awe.

I walked in and quickly got my ticket and headphone so that I could get the verbal history of almost every single car in the museum. All you had to do was walk up to the car, look at the plate that had its model and year, then punch in the three digit number and you could listen to the cars complete history. It was great. I learned a lot and it was mind blowing to actually see some of the rarest Porsches in person. I walked around for about 2.5 hours and then found a simulation that let you pick different models so that you could turn the key and rev the engine with all these speakers around you. Funny thing is, there were guys from age 5 to 70 sitting there turning the key and pressing the gas pedal. 

Then, I went downstairs and ate lunch at the restaurant. I was there for about 4.5 hours in total. I had a few hours to kill before getting on my train home to Freiburg, so I walked around and saw some famous monuments and buildings. They have a really lengthy shopping area in Stuttgart and apparently it is one of the things they are known for, which is understandable cause I walked the whole thing and it took me like 2 hours. Then I ate dinner and had a banana nutella crepe from an outside stand as the sun set. Arrived back at Freiburg and called it quite a successful day. This goes back to my last post... You gotta get out and see these places while you can. With the program coming to an end, it is easier for me to see that than ever.


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