Oktoberfest and the Beginning of Class

Nathan Outlan
September 30, 2016

So almost everyone in my program made the 6 hour bus ride to Munich for Oktoberfest. Every guy had a pair of lederhosen and all the girls had a dirndl, so we were really making sure we did this whole thing right. I had the luck of knowing a guy who had traditional Bavarian lederhosen and he let me borrow them for the weekend. So that was pretty awesome. For everyone who is not familiar with lederhosen, it literally translates to leather pants. These leather pants can be really expensive. A low tier pair of lederhosen is like 120 euro, at least in Freiburg. High tier can hit 600 euro. So I was not out here tryin to cop a pair of 120 euro leather pants that I'll only wear twice. Shout out to Felix, the guy who leant me his lederhosen. 

We got into Munich pretty late and walked around/hung out for a bit. The next day, we got up at 6am so we could get ready for Oktoberfest and make sure we could enter the festival as early as possible. We really wanted a good seat in a famous tent. The lines were so long, even that early in the morning. We finally got in and went to the Augustiner tent first. From there, we went to other tents such as Hofbrau and Pauliner. Me and two other of my classmates ended up leaving the fest for a bit and walking around downtown Munich. That is where I did the most German thing I think I have ever done: I ate veil sweetbread sausage and potato salad in lederhosen. I might have peaked in my German-ness, but there's still time to top it. 

Overall, it was a really good trip.

We got back to Freiburg that Sunday to finish up our German language course on Monday and start class on Thursday. We had one class, and then our professor was like okay lets take a bus tomorrow and go up into Südschwarswald and hike around to learn about the trees. Well, I just got back from that today and it was sweet. I could get used to class outside and I'm going to need to because we take multiple trips like today every week. We hiked on trails for a bit but we were hiking straight up through the forest too. It was pretty fun running up and down the mountian through all the brush.

I think some of us are going to go to Baden-Baden this weekend. Will probably be on the next post. Heard it's pretty cool so might as well check it out. Europe is cool like that; you can just last minute decide to go somewhere for cheap. Anyway, put a gallery below so check it out.



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