Feels Like a Memory

Natalie Clark
July 1, 2014

Today I realized that Siena stopped feeling like “just yesterday”. When I made lasagna (with my new Italian recipe, of course) I was excited about bringing a part of Italy back home with me. But somehow, quietly and without me noticing, over the past month the last “part of me” somehow left Siena. For the past few weeks I’ve felt as if I’ve been adjusting well. Living back in my American life with my family, friends, school, and job..but also still “living” in Siena. At least in my mind. The piazza, my roommates and the beautiful scenery was all very real to me. Why should I have been sad about leaving Siena? I was still there in my mind! But today I am thinking about running on the fortress, dancing in barone rosso, chatting at Freddy’s, and nights in the campo and I don’t feel like I’m “there” anymore. Of course I remember being there, but it seems to just have faded into a moment of my life, no longer the moment I’m living in.

Realizing this makes me cherish my time in Siena even more. Those few months I had I know I will never be able to replace or replicate..but that’s also a neat feeling! I’ve had such a unique and wonderful experience, and I can honestly say that I loved every minute of it. I am so lucky to have met the 14 girls in my program (and what an interesting/amazing experience that was!) and live in beautiful city of Siena.

we had a little phrase we would say (okay, usually while drinking)..”bevelo tutto” or, drink it all. And while that may apply to a glass of red wine, I think it also fully applies to a study abroad experience, drink it all in. The city, the people, and the experience.

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Natalie Clark

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