Counting Down the Market Days

Natalie Clark
April 22, 2014

I looked at my calendar today and realized it was April 17th. April 17th! I don’t quite know how I let over half of the month of April go by without even noticing (not to mention without writing a single blog post).

I am going to be completely honest and tell everyone that I had every intention of being a really great blogger for the month of April. But, of course, life happens as it usually does and between schoolwork, travel, turning 21, and a mean case of Tonsillitis, it was well into April.


I’m also getting to the “I can’t believe I have less than a month” phase in the study abroad experience, which makes everything a little bittersweet. This past Wednesday I experienced one of these bittersweet moments. Every Wednesday there’s a market in Siena. For anyone who enjoys shopping, it’s basically heaven on earth. But I realized that my afternoons at the market are numbered (ugh, how sad is that?) One of my favorite routines on Wednesdays is getting out of class and walking around the market for the last hour that it’s open. And not to brag, but I feel as if I have a knack for finding great deals at the market. Sadly, that’s not exactly the best thing. While I may love finding 5 euro sweaters and 10 euro shoes..I’m running out of room in my suitcase! I think I’m dreading packing my suitcase more than I’m dreading saying good-bye to all of my friends. I know, I know– I’ve really got to work on my priorities.

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Natalie Clark

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