Matt Machin
October 27, 2015

A weekend trip to Saint-Tropez is simply too good to pass up. Once a small Greek harbor founded in 500 B.C., this lively beach town offers great warm weather, as well as virtually endless options for shopping. Nestled in the Golfe de Saint-Tropez on the Mediterranean Sea gives Saint-Tropez a perfect location for a nice beach getaway.

This is a view from the place I was staying in Saint-Tropez. There are many places one can book through Airbnb that are just a short walk away from its beautiful beaches. There is never a poor view for a sunset here.


Vibrant alleyways, such as this, make up the majority of streets in the middle of Saint-Tropez. Just a few minutes walking through these unique corridors can send a visitor back in time. They consist of aged Italian-style architecture that enhances the overall authentic feel of the town.

­­­­­Citadel Hill is a must go-to destination when visiting Saint-Tropez. It only takes a short ten minute walk up the hill to reach the top. Citadel Hill’s location is the nicely settled in between the heart of Saint-Tropez and its beautiful Golfe.

In Saint-Tropez, one can find these “secret” alleyways leading to the water. With simply a few steps out of the tunnel and into the fresh ocean air, one can stumble upon the soft breaking tide of the Golfe.

One can enjoy the spectacular views over the town and sea that Citadel Hill has to offer. From the top, one can easily look out for miles and experience a true taste of the Cote d’Azur. 

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