Spring Break Part II: Córdoba + Oktoberfest

Margot Kempczynski
October 16, 2013

So continuing from my last post, after spending a wonderfully busy 4 days in Mendoza, my friends and I took an overnight bus to Córdoba, a city much smaller than Buenos Aires, but known for having a large population of university students. Luckily, I had a friend studying in Córdoba so he showed us around for a bit the day we got there. He also took us to a small, hole-in-the-wall empanada place. Though the place was small, it offered a huge variety of empanadas to choose from, which was a nice surprise from the usual empanada menu choices (typically meat or ham and cheese, sometimes spinach).

After spending the night in Córdoba, the next morning we boarded a bus to Villa Belgrano, a smaller town about 2 hours away where Argentina’s own Oktoberfest was happening. We spent the following two days there, taking in the abundant German and Swiss influence and of course some craft beer (which is hard to find in Buenos Aires). Following the recommendations of my host mom, we took a small day trip to the nearby town of La Cumbrecita. It was nice taking a break away from the beer festivities and instead walk around a quaint and picturesque little town for a bit.



It was nice to walk around in a city that wasn’t as overwhelming as Buenos Aires, but still lively and full of people


The entrance to the festival in the distance

The streets of Villa Belgrano around the festival–very different from Munich, and the weekend we went was the quieter one of the two (the festival occurred on the first two weekends of October), but we still had a blast!

The small town of La Cumbrecita is peatonal, which means no cars drive around and it’s strictly walking-only

Truly picturesque. La Cumbrecita offered several hikes to go on, horseback riding tours, and plenty of gift shops

We followed a trail that led to a pretty lake area. Very serene and a nice break from our vacation’s usual busyness.


The Oktoberfest stage! Throughout the weekend there were various dances and musical performances

Another church near the center of the city

The exterior of one of many beautiful churches in Córdoba


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