Why I Love Palermo Soho

Margot Kempczynski
December 26, 2013

So my homestay was technically located in the barrio of Recoleta, but right on the border of Palermo. I think this was probably my favorite barrio because of all the fun restaurants and boutiques, and the general sense of being able to meander around cobblestone streets and enjoy the neighborhood. Palermo also has several sub-barrios including Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho, Palermo Chico, and others. Over the course of the semester as the weather got nicer, it was more and more pleasant to walk around the Palermo streets and enjoy the quaint residential neighborhoods and trendy cafés that this part of Buenos Aires is known for. A couple favorite cafés (for future reference) include Felicidad, B-Blue, and Bartola. Each of these is located in Palermo Soho and offers a variety of fresh, somewhat California-inspired food like wraps and salads.

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Margot Kempczynski

<p><span style="color: rgb(29, 29, 29); font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal; background-color: rgb(237, 237, 237);">I&rsquo;m Margot Kempczynski, a junior at Brown University majoring in French Studies. However, my passion for languages and different cultures has driven me to study Spanish as well, and I am thrilled to be studying in Buenos Aires. Having never been to South America, I cannot wait to explore a new place and improve my Spanish skills while being immersed in a completely new environment. I&rsquo;ve read so much about Argentina&rsquo;s rich culture, from the striking landscape of Patagonia to the vibrant music and dance that is tango, that I&rsquo;m now ready and eager to discover it all for myself. I love traveling, I&rsquo;m a huge foodie, and I love taking pictures, so I am very excited to capture my abroad experiences through photography and share them with you!</span></p>

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