Last Week in Buenos Aires/Returning Back Home

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Alia McLaughlin
June 27, 2024

Approaching the last weeks of my stay in Buenos Aires, it seems that time truly passed by like the speed of light. In the beginning, I kept on thinking I would have time to go to those museums or go to that cafe. But in retrospect, it was easy to get caught up in so much that I forget to savor even the small moments! Since I am writing this blog post while I am back at home, I wanted to create a combined blog post reminiscing little moments from the last week in Buenos Aires and some ways I have been adjusting back to the U.S. 

The last week was quite busy as we were all balancing school work, essays, and savoring the last bits of the city with our friends. It was truly nice to spend time with friends, stop by my favorite parks, restaurants, and connect with people I met through the running club. 

I also participated at my last volunteer shift at CHAP, a program I began volunteering with the second half of the semester. Working with children while creating art has gave me such a joy and a great way to start my Tuesday mornings. I kept some of the art that the kids made for me throughout the program and I hope to volunteer again if I ever found myself back in the city!

five of us volunteers taking a photo after our volunteer session


Another day, my friends and I went to a restaurant called Locos de Futbol, where we were engulfed in the energy of the "hinchos" de fútbol glued to the TV screen. 

Some friends watching the BOCA game


Among other activities such as going out, grabbing a meal, and finishing up final assignments, the highlight was the two asados we had as a program which was nice to connect with everyone from the program. The atmosphere was filled with delicious smells of meats and cheeses accompanied by the lively banter of everyone enjoying each others company.

Our IES group take a photo at an asado


The last week was tougher to comprehend than I thought, as I was not prepared for the odd space that I felt once I got home. In the city, I am constantly used to being around my friends, always going out to eat, always doing something, and having my schedule jam-packed. For the two weeks, I am home before I head to my Summer job, I have been trying to find activities to help fill the huge gaps of time I have. If there was one tip I would give to those going home and adjusting, I would say to fill your day doing things you love that make you feel like yourself. While you might not be with those you were spending time with while abroad, finding an activity or reconnecting with loved ones will help you feel less lonely. It also helps to keep in touch with those you spent time with abroad. Everyone might be returning back to their "normal" lives; however, it is always nice to feel connected in some way even when you might live far away. 

Returning home from study abroad can mean and feel like different things for everyone and it is okay to embrace those feelings, whether they are good or bad! Reflecting on the connections and experiences I gained, I want to use these feelings to propel me in future endeavors and seek the same joys I felt in a short four months.

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