Traveling Tips While on a Budget

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Kylie Klassen
April 10, 2024
My friend and I on the canal cruise

Since I’ve been in Dublin, I haven't traveled outside of the country much because it can be very expensive. This past weekend, however, I was able to meet up with some of my friends in Amsterdam, and I did so by spending very little money! So, I thought I’d share some of my tips for traveling on a tight budget. Obviously, flights and housing are going to be the things that you have to spend money on, but you truly don't have to spend very much money on food in the country itself if you’re intentional with your spending. It is important to note that while I saving money, I still made sure that I was eating enough food. While saving money is important, it is much more important to ensure that your body is getting what it needs to to be able to move around and travel. So, here are my tips on how to save money food, all while making sure you’re fueling your body at the same time: three meals a day edition. 

  • Breakfast: Okay, I know everyone says this, but hear me out: grocery stores are the way to go. Where I was staying in Amsterdam, there was a Lidl right outside of my hostel, and  that is where my friends and I went to get breakfast every morning. Instead of going out to a fancy cafe, we bought pastries (which tasted phenomenal by the way) from Lidl and sat in the sun, eating them outside. A pastry from a cafe would have been at least four euros if not more, but the two pastries I got from Lidl totaled to one euro (crazy cheap, and crazy tasty!!)  Now, while it might not seem liked I saved a lot, those three euros add up, and I was able to do some extra activities because of it!

    My friends and I sitting above tulips in Amsterdam
  • Lunch: For lunch, I also picked up something from the grocery store in the morning that I carried with me throughout the day for when I got hungry. For me, I bought granola bars and oatmeal because that was one of the only vegetarian options, but a sandwich could also be an efficient lunch. It’s cheap, it’s filling, and it’s on the go! What more could you ask for?
  • Dinner: In terms of spending, I spent the most on this meal. As a girl’s night, my friends and I headed to the grocery store again where we shopped for that night’s dinner. Since our hostel had a kitchen, we were able to make dinner and use the communal area to have a nice girl dinner! The plus? We all ate leftovers for lunch the next day! Those groceries only cost twelve euros, and it was enough for two meals which was pretty nice. Oh! I forgot to mention, this dinner also included some Dutch desserts we found at the Lidl as well. So, just because you're cheap doesn't mean you don't eat!

    Charlie's Chocolonley Shop sign

Because of the money I saved from food, I was able to do more activities that I wouldn't have otherwise. Some of these included a fun canal cruise and customizing a chocolate bar at Charlie's Chocolonely shop! 


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