Day in the Life during Finals Week

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Kylie Klassen
May 2, 2024

Follow me through a Thursday during finals week!



8:15 a.m.: Time to wake up! I usually wake up an hour before I have to leave to go to class. Cue morning routine. I also make a little breakfast and pack my lunch to eat during my break between classes. 


9:10 a.m. : Leave for class! My roommates and I all gather in the kitchen and then walk to the Luas stop on Parnell. Our Irish Communal Identity class begins at 9:45 a.m., but we like to leave a little early to make sure that we arrive on time. 


9:45 a.m.: Class begins! For our last week, we gave final presentations on a topic of our choice. For our project, Adam and I presented our documentary on stickers found around the city. 


11:15 a.m.: After watching everyone’s presentations, our final Irish Communal Identity class was complete. My roommates and I begin our journey back to Beckett House, and I eat my sandwich I packed on the way. We talk about how we are all a little stressed about our Celtic Myth test later that day. At least we get to do it from the comfort of our home! We walked to the Luas stop and took it home.


12:30 p.m.: To prepare for the test I had later that day, I read over some of the myths that I was less familiar with. Turns out, you can read about fairy maidens and make pasta at the same time! Who knew?


4 p.m.: As soon as the clock struck 4:00pm, I began my Celtic Myth test. I took all of the forty minutes and I did pretty well!. 


4:50 p.m.: My roommates gather in the kitchen to talk about how we felt about the test! We all kind of killed it if I do say so myself. 


5 p.m.: Since I still have one essay left, I worked on my conclusion paragraph. Then, I was able to submit my last final! Woohoo! 


5:45 p.m.: I start packing! This lasted not too long because I got stressed so I went on a walk. 


6 p.m.: I go on a walk to meet one of my friends. We get BBQ cauliflower wings from Stoned and eat them outside the Olympia theater at the stone benches.


8 p.m.: I only cry a little bit on the walk home because I’m gonna miss this place and walking across the Liffey to get back to my home. This city is beautiful. 


9 p.m.: Lots of people in my program meet up to hang out for one of our last nights together. Bittersweet, but still fun! We heard live music while we took the “Which faction do you belong in” Buzzfeed quiz from the Divergent movies. Surprisingly, lots of us were Amity in case you were wondering. 


12 a.m.: The end of Thursday. After a long, a little bit stressful, and slightly emotional day, I go to bed happy. I am sad to leave the city on Saturday, not sure that I am actually ready, but I remain thankful to have met the people that I’ve met, seen what I’ve seen, and to have fallen in love with the city. 

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