The Do's of Dublin

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Kylie Klassen
May 2, 2024
Picture out the window of the Dart, showing a reflection in the Dart

Do explore Ireland via the dart. The weekends are the perfect time to take the dart down to the coast and traverse some places you haven't been before. I would highly recommend trying to explore every stop. Even some of the smaller suburbs are so cute. One of my favorite experiences on the dart was when I explored Raheny and went to its little local public library. 


Do make a list before you go to the grocery store. Not doing this was one of my fatal flaws the first week I was in Dublin. I bought random ingredients and ended up with no food for meals. After this first week blunder, I learned to try to plan out my meals for the week and write down the things I need before I go to the store.  


Do decorate your room. It can be tempting to not decorate because your room is a temporary place, and even I concede that I am not one for buying decorations. But, it does spice up your room a little. So, instead of buying a bunch of new decorations, I bought a bunch of pushpins to put up the things that matter. By the end of the semester, my walls were covered in plane ticket stubs, poetry, and polaroid photos. Without much money, I was able to decorate my room with the things that were important to me, making my space that much more special. 

Do buy a blanket for your bed. Sometimes, it is a little necessary to spend money on things that make your more comfortable and feel at home. In my case, for instance, I bought myself a blanket the first week to make my bed a little bit more cozy. 


Do stay connected to the people that you care about. While it can be super easy to get caught up in new friends and new places, it is still important to maintain the relationships that you already have. Once a week, perhaps on a lazy Sunday morning, take some time to text, send voice messages, or call the people in your life that you care about. Both, you and they will be happier for it. 


Do learn to cook! Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve never been one for cooking. One time, I even managed to set popcorn on fire in the microwave a couple years back. But, I soon learned that cooking is an essential part of adulthood that I would need to learn. Plus, as it turns out, it is super fun as well, especially if you meet some good people who will be patient enough to teach you :)

Do people watch. Especially if you’ve never lived in a city before, it’s easier to get caught up in all of the places to go and activities to do and never really take time to see the people who live in the city. One of my favorite activities is to walk along the River Liffey and see all the people who sit and look at the river. Plus, there are even benches along the river if you want to people watch the people walking along the river as well. In the fast paced fast walking city, take some time to exist in the middle of the city and watch.

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