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Kylie Klassen
May 8, 2024

As a self proclaimed emotional and sensitive gal, the last couple of days in Dublin were a bit tough for me. But in the midst of change and big feelings, it is important to remember the things and the people who made the place great. Here are mine!


Friends, friends, and more friends:

Ugh! This is probably one of the toughest parts about leaving Dublin: leaving your friends too. I met some amazing people this fall and it was definitely difficult to say goodbye. Though, I don’t think it was actually goodbye. Although we were leaving our late night couch conversations and some of the weirdest inside jokes I’ve ever been apart of, we weren’t leaving the friendships behind. That’s the thing about people you like, I guess. You will keep in touch if you truly want to. 

Two of my friends and I on a Gaelic football field


My friend next to a farmer's market stand
My friend Johnny and I posing on the street
Jenna and Reese posing with the sunset

The great outdoors:

Ireland! So beautiful! Everything is so green there, a color I know I will come to miss. This goodbye was going to be hard. Never have I ever seen so much nature in my life, and I didn’t know how I was going to leave it behind. What I discovered, however, is that sometimes the easiest way to say goodbye to a place who can't say it back is to remind it how much you appreciate it. On my last day in Dublin, I spent most of the day walking the city and taking streets I’ve never taken before, as well as taking time to see all the places I’ve already seen before. I had to say bye to places I’ve only been to once, but swore I would go back to. 

Kissing flowers
My roommate and I on a hike
View of St. Patrick's Park

Getting around, publicly: 

Ah, public transportation. This is something I will definitely miss. In our last week, a bunch of people in the program and I took the dart to watch our friend Reese play is her last Gaelic football game. This journey was a good one to end on. The public transportation is Dublin has served me well, taking me to places and letting me see things and colors that I have never seen before. 

Me and three friends riding on the Dart


View of beige building

And even though all of these things and people were difficult to say goodbye to, perhaps that is okay. More than okay, even. Although I have left Dublin, I’m definitely taking parts of it with me. The photo doesn't lie, I do <3 Dublin. 


Posing under a sign that says I <3 Dublin

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