Top Three Hikes/Walks Near Dublin!

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Kylie Klassen
April 16, 2024

Over the past couple of months in Dublin, I have been amazed at all of the nature that I have seen so close to the city! Being from Arizona, this was a whole lot of green for my eyeballs! As someone who loves hiking and exploring, here are some of my top three places to hike near Dublin. 

1. Bray to Greystones 

The walk from Bray to Greystones was the first hike that I did in Dublin! 

Me standing on a cliff

It is very accessible via the dart, and it takes about 2.5 hours. My roommates went during our second week here and it was a really great introduction into the beauty of Ireland. Afterwards, we went to get some hot chocolate at a little cafe in Greystones because we were super cold! Would recommend wearing gloves.

View along a cliff

This was a great "get to know you hike" with your new friends!

Four of my roommates on the dart to greystones for our hike

2. The Dublin Mountains

Trees on the Ticknock Fairy Trail

During our midterm break, me and one of my roommates went on the Ticknock Fairy hike in the Dublin Mountains. They were super beautiful and we felt like we were in fairy land! 

My roommate on the trail

The only downside is that these are not very accessible. We did walk through neighborhoods for an hour to be able to get the to the base of the mountains. 

View of a path with puddles of water atop one of the mountains

So, if you're looking for more of an all-day event, I would recommend trekking to the Dublin Mountains! 

3. Bull Island 

Bull Island was one of my favorite places I’ve visited while in Dublin.

Entrance to beach on Bull island

There are two tiny bridges that allow you to gain access to the island, where you can find beautiful beaches as well as a cute little cafe. I would strongly recommend the almond croissant from there. It was 10/10.

View of water and bridge to get onto Bull Island

The island is super close and about a 25 minute bus ride from Dublin city center. This spot is perfect for reading on a sunny day as well as running on the beach.

My friend running on the beach

This was also one of the only places in Ireland where I was able to find seashells. So, seashell collectors, head over there immediately! 

Though it can seem like it is hard to connect with nature in the city, if you're willing to take spare just a smidge of your time, you'll see some really beautiful places (and maybe make a bird friend on the way!). 

a bird of a ledge of a cliff

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