Top Places to Take your Guests in Ireland

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Kylie Klassen
April 30, 2024

Are your guests coming to the city of Dublin? And you don’t have any clue of where you should take them? Never fear! I have complied a list of the essentials. But beware, these are definitely touristy activities. 

Dublin Castle: 

Everyone guest that visited me in Dublin this semester had really wanted to see Dublin Castle. The grounds are extremely beautiful and it is just around the corner from the Chester Beatty library and garden. These are really good places that you can hit at the same time. 

Dublin Castle


Christ Church and St Patrick's Cathedral: 

My parents ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhhhed’ at these buildings. They are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Although these are a main tourist attraction, visiting them is a must do. 

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Inside view of St Patrick's Cathedral ceiling


River Liffey:

Walk your guests down the river! 

River Liffey
Bridge on the River Liffey


St. Anne’s Park: 

This place is sooooo beautiful! It feels like fairy land. There are so many trees and dogs running around it is a great place to show your guests! On Saturdays, there is even a farmers market too! Go there hungry for some great food!

St. Anne's Park

Photo by Minxin Li


Marsh’s Library:

This is the oldest library in Dublin! It is also ultra small so it wont take long at all. Inside the library, there are cages that people used to have to sit in to read the books so they wouldn't steal them. It also has a garden attached which is super beautiful. 

Marsh's Library window
Marsh's Library garden

Killiney Hill: 

Although this hike is super short, it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen since coming to Ireland. Would totally recommend taking your guests to see the coast from this hill. Some have even compared it to the Amalfi Coast, but you’ll have to be the judge of that. 

Me hiking at Killiney Hill



Trust me, if you take your visitors to a couple of these places, they'll be saying you’re the best tour guide ever! 

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