First Field Study: Berlin & Prague

Kimberly Webber
January 26, 2015

Arguably the coolest and most unique part of The European Union Program is the immense amount of traveling you get to do with this amazing group of people allowing you to learn so much in the places you're studying while also getting so close to new friends.
This past week we took the train to Berlin from Freiburg, stayed for 3 days, then the train to Prague, stayed for a day and a half, then took a double decker bus back to Freiburg. We slept SO late that Sunday we got back, absolutely exhausted from the trip. It is very academic and interesting in nature, but as we are only there a few days, we definitely found some time to have fun, relax, and enjoy the beautiful and historical cities we found ourselves in. We were broken up by what we are studying and the 3 separate groups had their own individualized meetings and lectures and were able to later meet up for dinner or whatever else.
We heard a woman speak who grew up in the GDR, we toured the German Parliament building, we talked about Czech-Russian relations and the possibility of the Czech Republic joining the Euro-Zone. It was a phenomenal week and I hope you enjoy learning some history of Berlin and beauty of Prague!

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Kimberly Webber

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