Fistbumping a Pharoah, Street Art, and Lego Robots

Kevin V Au
January 20, 2016

I wonder when London will stop surprising me with all of the amazing things going on. Probably never. This past weekend I saw some exhibits at the Lumiere Light Show in King's Cross, rode a boat along the Thames, and walked through various markets in Greenwich and Shoreditch where I had some amazing food and saw beautiful street art. 

Oh yeah, and classes started too! Sometimes I forget that I'm here to study and not just goof around London. I'm taking Public Health in Europe, International Health and Human Rights, Comparitive Social Welfare, and Health and Disease. They're not too bad right now since the semester has just started. The only struggle is the fact that class is 2 1/2 hours long. But it'll be okay because the material is interesting and I have all of London to play in when I'm not in class. 


Londoners showed their love for Alan Rickman with a beautiful memorial for him at Platform 9 3/4. 

With free entry to the British Museum that's just a block away from where I have class you can bet I'll be here often! Fistbumped the arm of Amenhotep III (Disclaimer: I didn't actually touch it), saw the Rosetta Stone, and checked out a special exhibit showcasing a lifetime of prescription medication. 


This weekend I officially fell in love with Portuguese and Venezuelan food. I had chorizo stew with chicken piri piri on rice and a slow cooked beef arepo. Both were amazing and I can't wait to try the other food stands. There stands for cuisine from all around the world and each one looked delicious. The markets in Greenwich and Shoreditch (Spitalfield market, Sunday Up, and Brick Lane) are an absolute must for anyone who loves food. 

Acoustic afternoon at the Boxpark in Shoreditch. Hyphen rapped accompanied by Elliot Moses on guitar on the left, and Tukaii played some acoustic trap songs and poetry on the right. A pleasant break during our adventure in Shoreditch. 

"It's like a clarinet and a recorder had a baby."-Sarah Krulik

Who wouldn't want to build a lego robot for a chance to win a pitcher of cocktails? Unfortunately we didn't win, but I love the fun little contests put on by Drink, Shop, and Do. 

Watched a light circus on the side of a building and saw people drawing with light on the sidewalk at the Lumiere Light Festival. 

The pictures of street art are in the gallery! 


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