Kevin V Au
March 12, 2016

Credit to my buddy Reeti for the title pun.

I had a fantastic time in Copenhagen last weekend. Despite the rainy and snowy weather, my friends and I loved the city and felt like the weekend was just not enough time to enjoy it. Upon arrival, there were some immediate (but pleasant) differences we noticed between Copenhagen and London. First, there was so much space! Going from the congested, narrow streets of London to the wide open roads and sidewalks of Copenhagen was a very nice surprise. It made the city feel much more relaxing and enjoyable because we didn't have to weave and speedwalk our way past crowds of people. Second, instead of roads filled with cars, we found an abundance of bicycles everywhere we went. The streets were much quieter as a result which contributed to the relaxing atmosphere. As we spent more time there, we noticed a lot of other things as well. The streets were really clean, the water in the canals were crystal clear (we could actually see the bottom!), and a lot of people just left their bikes unlocked which gives some idea of how safe the city is. People were friendly, smoothies and juices seem to be really popular there, and all the food looked (and tasted) delicious. I highly recommend this cute little restaurant called Slice of San Francisco. The owner's homemade cheesecake was so good I had to go for seconds and was tempted to just buy the entire cake. Paludan's serves some beautifully plated and delicious Danish breakfast platters. So in conclusion, Copenhagen is basically perfect, minus the high costs of living there. I don't have too many weekends left in London because of other planned trips, but I was really happy I got the opportunity to spend a valuable weekend in such a lovely and welcoming city. I definitely want to come back again. 

Note: Unfortunately, my phone has been acting up so there aren't as many pictures as I would like. :(

Kevin V Au

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