Strolling Along the Canals of Amsterdam

Kevin V Au
March 28, 2016

I had a nice, relaxing time in Amsterdam for Easter weekend. My friends and I went with the mindset of having an easy-going holiday. So instead of planning an itinerary for all the things we wanted to do, we just went with the flow and immersed ourselves in the city. It felt good to spend the day walking around, admiring the buildings and canals, and not worry about staying on a schedule to make sure we see everything. And I think Amsterdam was the perfect place to do this. Amsterdam is a very walkable city and it seemed like every street we were on was scenic. We induldged ourselves with anything that looked good as we walked around, specifically pancakes, waffles, ice cream, and fries since they were everywhere in Amsterdam. I would highly recommend the Upstairs Pancake House. The one I got had bacon cooked in with the pancake, sprinkled with cheese, and an assortment of fruit on top of that. It was delicious. But make sure you make a reservation. It's a very small restaurant that gets filled up very fast. The only reason we got in was because we were there right when it opened. 

With the tulips blooming, this is a great time of year to visit Amsterdam. Passing through the flower markets was beautiful and served as a great reminder that spring is finally here. Especially since London is still a little grey and hasn't shown much sign of spring yet. It would have been great to venture out to the tulip fields but maybe next time. 

I definitely want to visit Amsterdam again. The city's vibe is great, everyone seems happy, and you can find so many cool shops just by walking randomly through the streets. A great place to unwind before diving into the piles of papers I have to write. 

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