Katrina Matthews-Mcgann
January 15, 2017
Before returning home after the end of my study abroad experience, I spent some time traveling through Europe because why not? I went to Portugal, France, Italy, and then returned to Spain for a time. Here, I just wanted to quickly show some of the famous sights I was able to see and hopefully encourage you, dear reader(s), upon seeing these obviously amateur shots of famous places to travel to them yourself and take even better photos (and of course, have an amazing experience. Good luck to all you future world travelers out there!

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Katrina Matthews-Mcgann

<p>I&#39;m a third year college student excited about seeing everything this amazing planet has to offer. Originally from Oregon, I&#39;ve slowly been finding my place in the world through travels throughout North America, China, and now Europe! I hope this blog offers advice, inspiration, and a bit of humor for any current and future travelers.</p>

2016 Fall
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Pomona College
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