Leaving Spain... But Not Forever

Katrina Matthews-Mcgann
December 20, 2016

Well Dear reader(s),

My time here in Salamanca has come to an end. I’ve truly had a great time while being, and can’t wait for the opportunity to come back and visit Spain. I want to make my last photo blog here in Spain a homage to the great memories I’ve made and the amazing places I’ve seen. Each photo will forever hold a special place in my heart and I think you should feel pretty flattered that I’m sharing this with you, reader(s). Because if no one ever reads this blog post at least I can come back to it and see all the cool pictures I took and memories I had. So really this is more for me than for you, dear reader(s), but I don’t really care about that because this is my blog.

In conclusion: Thanks Spain, for the great time, memories, and food. Hope to see you soon. And also, if there is someone actually reading this blog, Thanks! Know that I think you’re the real MVP. 

P.S. Sorry if there are any repeat pictures from past photo blogs. But memories are memories.

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