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Katherine Seel
April 10, 2017

If you're like me and loving the current ‘brunch’ trend then this post is for you. One way I was able to feel more at home in Paris was by going to “trendy” brunch places. I am someone who enjoys eating salads and working out and unfortunately that can be hard to come by in France.  However, I did my research and found a few healthy brunch places that I enjoy going to when I need a break from the croissants and baguettes. Here are some of my faves: 


I frequent Season the most. Season is located right near the Marais and is pretty spacious inside. They have two floors so plenty of room for you and your friends. Season has a delicious and healthy menu; my favorites include the Acai bowl, the banana smoothie, and the quinoa salad. And last week while I was eating my quinoa salad I saw someone ordered toast with peanut butter (MY FAVORITE) so I am definitely going back to try that. 



I’ve only been to fragments once, it is very far from where I live and super small, normally you have to wait about 20-30 minutes before you get a table for two. That being said the avocado toast with the poached egg was very good and worth the wait. 

Ob-la-di Cafe


This place is very small as well but I went during the week so it was not crowded. The inside is cute and has a great feel to it.  I recommend the latte, it was one of the best ones I have had since I've been in Paris. In regards to the food, I decided to try something I normally don't eat and got the chia pudding (I know dumb of me). I found out I hate chia pudding and wasted my money however all my friends have been and loved the yogurt with granola and the avocado toast that Ob-la-di also serves, so try that and not the chia pudding. 

Maisie Café

Maisie Café is located a few roads behind the Tuileries, which was nice because right after I ate here I was able to walk to the garden. Maisie Café had a great acai bowl, it was the right thickness and the toppings matched perfectly. I also got an espresso smoothie to go which was also good but it tasted more like chocolate than expresso.  



Cojean is more lunch related than brunch but I am adding it here because everyone must try/go to this place. There are also multiple cojeans in Paris so no excuses. My friends and I like to say that it tastes like California in a bowl because California normally has super healthy and fresh tasting food. Cojean is a juice place so it has great smoothies (something hard to find in Paris). In regards, to their food it is normally take away and they have things like quinoa with hummus, pasta salad, yogurt, fruits and salad. This place is a little expensive, but very worth it, if you're looking for something fresh tasting. 

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